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  • Tooth Care and Teething

    Isn’t it cute when you finally see pearly whites erupting from the gums of your little one? What we see as cute, is actually a very painful stage that a child goes through. Therefore as parents, it’s our responsibility to ease our toddlers’ pain and help them deal with this agony. Here’s how you can ...Read more

  • Seven Signs That Your Child Loves You

    Ever since I held my little boy for the first time ever, my definition of love only became stronger. The way he held my finger or the way he looked at me was simply priceless. However, things changed as he grew up. Our usual hugs decreased but we found better ways to show our affection. ...Read more

  • MumpaActivity: Learning to Count

    Teaching your child how to count to a certain number in a fun way! What you need for this activity? 1. Some dough, we have used some kneaded aata from the kitchen 2. A toy hammer or any spoon will do too Steps to follow: 1. Make small balls using the dough and put them ...Read more

  • Learn: Balancing Work and Relationship with Your Kids

    I’ve made mistakes! And I’ve learnt from them. My husband and I are working professionals and ever since we had our son, we could guess he was feeling neglected. So, to ensure maximum involvement with our kid, we’ve drafted out a few rules to abide by at home. Don’t argue and fight: Frustration and work ...Read more

  • Foods for Pregnancy

    Are you having a baby? Are you constantly advised and reminded by people around you to eat healthy? While we all know there is a need for an iron-protein-calcium rich diet in the times of pregnancy, I pick out a few of my favorites which I relished while I was pregnant: Jaggery: is a superb ...Read more

  • Helping Your Child Succeed in School

    Success is not just about aiming for straight A’s, and education is not just about academics. As kids head back to school this month, here’s how parents can help their children succeed in school and make this journey worthwhile. As a parent, you are the first and most important teacher to your child. Therefore, being ...Read more

  • सीखे: रंगों को मज़बूती देना!

    यहाँ एक मज़ेदार तरीका है अपने बच्चे को रंगों से भरे जीवन के बारे में बताने के लिए | आपको क्या क्या सामान चाहिए होगा हमने खंड (ब्लॉक्स) का इस्तेमाल किया है, आप अलग अलग चीजें चाहिए हम रंगों से घिरे हुए है यह दर्शाने के लिए फल एक लाल सेब, एक पिला केला और ...Read more

  • क्या आप एक बातूनी को बड़ा कर रहे हैं?

    आराव एक दो साल से कुछ बड़ा बच्चा था और मुश्किल से बोलता था . जब उसने कुछ शब्द बोलना शुरू किए तो मैने शांति की साँस ली. परंतु जब हम लोग उसके बीच में लगातार बोलने के कारण अच्छे से कभी बातचीत नहीं कर पा रहे थे तो मैं फिर से चिंतित हो गई ...Read more

  • Summer Fun: Blast the balloon

    If it’s a summer party, then this game is ultimate fun. An outdoor setting is perfect for this game. -Ask your guests to send a change of clothes for the kids. – Prepare water balloons -Have a water balloon tied up at bark of a tree or at a reasonable height. -Blindfold the kids and ...Read more

  • बच्चों के लिए उचित दिनचर्या

    तीन साल की उमर होने तक मेरे बेटे की कोई खास दिनचर्या निश्चित नहीं हो पाई थी. यह मेरे लिए चिंता का विषय था क्यूंकी उसका प्री-स्कूल जल्दी ही शुरू होने वाला था. कुछ माँओं से सलाह मशविरा करके मैने उसकी दिनचर्या का चार्ट बनाने का निश्चय किया. मैने उसके दिन को चार भागों में ...Read more