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  • सात संकेत जो बताएँगे की आपका बच्चा आपसे प्यार करता है

    आपका बच्चा आपसे प्यार करता है के सात संकेत जब से मैने अपने छोटे से बेटे को पहली बार गोद में लिया था, मेरे लिए प्यार की परिभाषा अधिक मज़बूत हो गई है. जिस तरह से वो मेरी उंगली पकड़ता था या जिस तरह से वो मेरी तरफ देखता था वह सभी अमूल्य था. हाँलाकि ...Read more

  • अपने बच्चे को स्कूल में सफल होने में सहायता करें

    सफलता का मतलब सिर्फ़ ए’ ग्रेड लाना ही नहीं होता है. और इसलिए शिक्षा सिर्फ़ अकादमिक नहीं होती है. इस महीने जबकि बच्चों को वापस स्कूल जाना है,यहाँ पर हम ये बता रहें हैं कि बच्चों की इस यात्रा को किस तरह से सफल बनाने में मदद की जा सकती. अभीभावक के रूप मैं, आप ...Read more

  • Breastfeeding Basics for new mothers: Some tips for mums!

    For a new mother, breastfeeding poses a huge amount of excitement as well as a challenge. I have heard many mothers where it was all very difficult to feed their babies, while on the other hand, some felt it was a as easy as a piece of cake. Of course it comes with many problems ...Read more

  • Encouraging Positive Behaviour in Kids

    I must admit there is a lot of negativity around us. Our day starts with the mad rush in the morning when I am yelling-“Hurry up, you will miss the bus!” or ending the day saying “Head to bed or you won’t be able to get up in the morning.” I have recently noticed there ...Read more

  • How Can I Get My Baby to Sleep through the Night?

    So, the nine months wait is over and there is a baby in your arms! But with the sweet smell and gurgles, also come sleepless nights! Don’t be surprised if your baby doesn’t sleep at night and cries for the whole night, this is part of the deal too! We know that most young parents ...Read more

  • Wishing Every Mum a Very Happy Mothers Day !

    Mother and child share a unique bond . The child becomes an individual after coexisting with their mum for nine months. However, the mother and child remain a unified entity for ever after! Here is a small list of things that the baby does only to their mother as they see her as an extension of their ...Read more

  • Indoor Games to Play with Your Toddler

    It’s summer time! while it’s also fun and games for the kids, as a parent you face the fear of your toddlers getting affected by the scorching heat, which is worrisome. As the summer holidays commence and the kids start repeating “I am bored,” here are some of our favorite indoor games that we as ...Read more

  • Tooth Care and Teething

    Isn’t it cute when you finally see pearly whites erupting from the gums of your little one? What we see as cute, is actually a very painful stage that a child goes through. Therefore as parents, it’s our responsibility to ease our toddlers’ pain and help them deal with this agony. Here’s how you can ...Read more

  • Seven Signs That Your Child Loves You

    Ever since I held my little boy for the first time ever, my definition of love only became stronger. The way he held my finger or the way he looked at me was simply priceless. However, things changed as he grew up. Our usual hugs decreased but we found better ways to show our affection. ...Read more

  • MumpaActivity: Learning to Count

    Teaching your child how to count to a certain number in a fun way! What you need for this activity? 1. Some dough, we have used some kneaded aata from the kitchen 2. A toy hammer or any spoon will do too Steps to follow: 1. Make small balls using the dough and put them ...Read more