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What do you do if your child develops a sudden raging fever in the middle of the night? Or falls and needs orthopaedic care? While there is no dirge of pediatricians and kids’ clinics, each of these clinics has different hours of operation, different pediatricians, and different specialists and so on. Which children’s clinic is the right one for your child in the given situation? Which one do you trust? Our listing is an invaluable resource. It provides you with details regarding each children’s clinic’s hours, fees, and specialists. But most importantly, it also includes the reviews of other parents. We recommend you call around, read the reviews, research the doctors at these clinics proactively and compile your own list of trustworthy kids’ clinics and doctors well before you require their services. After all, frantically running around, scouring the streets for the right children’s clinic with a sick child is far from ideal.